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Kokopelli Dancing Candle Holder
Kokopelli Dancing Candle Holder
Kokopelli, fertility spirit of the Hopi Indians

This heavy, cast Kokopelli metal sculpture and candle holder is made on the island of Bali. Yes, Bali! The people of Southeast Asia are fascinated by Native Americans, and produce a lot of art related to Native American legends.

This piece is beautiful. The figure of Kokopelli is cast in a traditional mold, and then hand crafted into a candle holder and hand painted. No machines, no factories - this is not in any way related to the cheap stamped tin items you can find in discount or dollar stores. These are made one at a time, by hand.

The figure stands 12" tall. The candle platform is behind the figure, so if you use it with a candle the flickering flame backlights the dancing figure of Kokopelli and the result is beautiful! You can also just use it as a metal sculpture, and the figure mostly hides the candle platform. The finish is a beautiful black and gold that will blend well with almost any decor.

The Legend of Kokopelli:

Wall carvings of Kokopelli can be found throughout the Southwestern United States dating back 3000 years. The Hopi believed that Kokopelli brought fertility and good fortune to those he encountered as he roamed the earth playing his flute. The hump in his back was said to contain seeds, which he would spread around during his travels. His name comes from the Hopi words KOKO (wood) and PILAU (hump). His presence is felt wherever life comes forth from seed - plants or animals. His nature is one of joy and passion; we hope this dancing candle holder will bring a little of Kokopelli's spirit to your home!


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Price: US$ 17.95

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