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Buddha Sculpture Carved in Old Wood Tree
Buddha Sculpture Carved in Old Wood Tree
We found this huge, beautiful piece in Northern Thailand last month. This Buddha image is carved from a 100-year old tree log, which has been kept intact around the Buddha. The effect is beautiful.

This Sukhothai style Thai Buddha is outstanding in every aspect. The detail work, facial expression and finish is breathtaking.

This is an heirloom quality piece you will want to pass down for generations. This unique piece will look stunning in any home, office or temple.

This is a huge, heavy piece. It is 20" tall - over 10 pounds of solid wood! See the coffee mug in one photo for size reference.

A little teak oil applied to the finished portion will make the grain jump out and grab you from across the room!

We have several of these, and since they are totally handmade from unique pieces of trees, each piece is slightly different - but the artist was careful to make them all essentially the same.


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Price: US$ 129.95

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