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Carved Animal Jungle Scene
Carved Animal Jungle Scene
This is amazing! Give the photos a chance to load - you've never seen anything like this!

I don't know where to begin describing this. I was floored by the amazing detail in this museum-quality hand carved sculpture. It is a large 20" jungle scene, complete with layered trees, elephants, deer, bears and birds.

This is carved from one solid piece of wood! The layers are amazing - there are trees behind other trees (4 deep in some places!) and animals hidden in the jungle! We have included lots of photos so you can see the level of detail in the hand carving. It's beautiful!

This is a very impressive piece. You will get comments from everyone who sees it! The skill required to produce carvings of this quality amazes me. I have never seen work like this before.

About the artist:
This incredible work of art was created by a 71 year old artist in northern Thailand named Santi. He has been carving wood for over 50 years. I watched him work on another piece as we talked, and his hands were rock steady. I asked him through a translator how he could carve the background without breaking the 3 layers in front of them, and he replied, "Whatever you do, you need to focus on it as if it's the only thing in the world. When it's done, you do something else." A true Buddhist!

This unique high quality piece will be cherished by anyone who loves art - it will become a favorite piece instantly!

This is truly a meticulously sculpted masterpiece that will be handed down for generations. 20" tall. We have several of these - since they are handmade, each one is slightly different, but the artist was careful to make them all essentially the same.


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Price: US$ 249.95

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